Roof Trusses

Plum's optimized roof design can reduce the need for extra permanent lateral bracing. Our complete hip system employs a unique end jack and corner system that reduces the number of truss components and hangers. Plum's hip and jack inserts eliminate the need for conventional framed ridge purlins and blocking. Our roof valley and hip components can be integrated into each roof truss as applicable and practical. 2x4 construction, and LL/360+ are designed to reduce interior bottom chord deflection and possible sheetrock buckling. Roof truss loading is designed at 10 lbs. top chord dead load to accommodate future maintenance and additional layers of roof shingles.

Labor & Material Savings

Roof framing labor savings of 15-25% compared to other truss systems and 25-50% labor and time savings compared to conventional stick framing methods. Find out more about labor and material savings on the Learn page.