Resolution Action Plan


1. To ensure rapid resolution of any customer complaints and rejected product.
2. Put customer’s project back on schedule, with no further delays.


1. Plan covers all customer concerns related to delivered product and services.
2. All Plum Employees are accountable.

Action Plan

Customer satisfaction is the top priority for everyone at Plum Building Systems. Customer dissatisfaction always indicates an immediate need for resolution.

Plum’s response to a customer concern will include 3 external critical action steps:

  1. An accurate, thorough on-site assessment of the situation will be conducted. It will be timely – and within 24 hours of notification from the customer.
  2. A resolution plan that immediately satisfies customer must be developed and implemented – within 48 hours from initial notification.
  3. Plum will resolve issues related to product performance. We will fix errors caused by Plum at no charge to our customers. Errors caused by customers will be corrected, and the costs associated with those corrections will be passed on. As a general practice, we will review costs associated with resolving problems caused by customer error with the customer so there are no surprises at the end.

At no time will “charge backs” be accepted or allowed.

These internal actions will occur simultaneously:

  1. This procedure starts when a customer notifies any member of the Plum team of a problem related to product supplied by Plum.
  2. The appropriate Design/Sales team member is responsible and accountable for the timeliness and effectiveness of immediate resolution.
  3. A determination of the problem’s root cause must be made and a preventative action plan that prevents future reoccurrence will be developed and implemented by our management team during our monthly meetings.