Floor Trusses

Plum's open-webbed floor truss configuration allows for increased accessibility of plumbing, heating ducts and electrical conduits. Custom fabricated to exact measurements, Plum floor trusses do not require field cutting, squash blocks, web stiffeners or rimboard installation.

Floor Deck Systems

Sheathed at the factory and complete with rim, hangers and blocking, Plum "Easy Set" Floor Decks are built with conventional 2x_ lumber, floor trusses and/or I-joists.

Labor & Material Savings

  • Floor truss installation time is estimated at 35% less than I-joist systems and 65% less than conventional stick frame systems.

  •  Installation time of carpenter, electrical, HVAC and plumbing contractors are all reduced. Find out more about framing time and labor savings on the Learn page.